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B. Research Experience

2009: February – June:

                         Medical College, Kolkata, Department of Medicine

“Risk Factors Associated With the Development of Fatal Post Traumatic Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) in Patients of Road Traffic Accidents Admitted to a Tertiary Care Center in Kolkata, India”


2008: August – December:

Medical College, Kolkata, Department of Physiology,
Dr. Ananda Kumar Mukhopadhyay

Co-worker: Parijat Sen (MBBS)

“Evaluation of Sleep Disordered Breathing as an Unconventional Risk factor for Essential Hypertension in Patients with no other Conventional Risk  Factors”


2008: June - 2009 July:

Bose Institute, Kolkata, Department of Biochemistry
Professor Pinakpani Chakrabarty

“Evaluation of Antibacterial Action of ZnO Nanoparticles Against Multi Drug resistant Escherichia coli from Clinical Isolates (Urine)”


2008: August – 2009 October :

Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Department of Immunology
Dr. Syamal Roy

“Estimation of anti-AMA 1 Antibodies in sSerum of Malaria Patients: An Approach to Understand Development of Malarial Vaccines”


2008: June – July:

Medical College, Kolkata

Apratim Ganguly, Indian Statistical Institute,

“Mathematical Modeling of HIV Transmission”


2006: June – July:

Medical College Kolkata, Department of Forensic and State Medicine
Dr. Tapas Kumar Bose

“Evaluation of Music as a Facilitatory Factor for the Rehabilitation of Socially Dysfunctional and Recidivistic Juvenile Delinquents”


2006: August – October:

Medical College, Kolkata, Department of Forensic Medicine
Dr. Tapas Kumar Bose

“Sexual Harassment of Adolescent Females in Kolkata”