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I. Extra Curriculars

  • Numerous—Extempore speech, Debates, essay writing, recitation, quizzing, etc.
  • Reading—Omnivorous reader of all forms of literature, from classical to contemporary, from professional to critical, but special passion for good poetry.
  • Trained and Diplomate in classical Indian forms of percussion instruments
  • Writing
  • Administrative activities:
    • Involved with the activities of the Medical College Students’ Union
    • Founder—Member, INFORMER (Indian Forum of Medical Education and Research)
    • Founder—Member, IMSA (Indian Medical Students Association)
  • IT Skills:
    • Proficient in using MS Office applications
    • Write my own blog since January 2009
    • Manage my own email and Calendars online
    • Regular Blogger Content Provider and Reviewer for The Lancet Student
    • Reviewer for student BMJ