Curriculum Vitae

This is where the chirpy nature of the website becomes somber and serious. It is academic. So it is expected. Academic is boring. Or at least until you become old and eminent when other people HAVE TO laugh at the poor jokes you make. But I digress.

I am an Internal Medicine freak and want to take it up, along with some research in the future. This is difficult, I know, since the much ascribed view that combining the bench and the bedside is a huge challenge (especially in the setting in India) does hold a lot of water, but then again, what is life without some challenge? I would love to foray into research because the idea ofbeing able to create something that might alter and affect people and practitioners BOTH is a great intellectual stimulant for me. And in course of Internship, I have encountered and fallen in love with the practical aspect of medicine. For example, I will never forget the moment when I helped diagnose and revive a patient with critical hypoglycemia in the ER and the gratitude he showed me in return. I will never forget the moment when an assistant at a local bookstore identified me as the doc who helped manage his kid's epistaxis and helped me in digging out all the books I needed in a jiffy. And my love for Internal Medicine actually facilitates my interest for research. Today, in a world where evidence based medicine is the rule rather than the recommended, we need more people who can oscillate confidently between either "sides" fluidly and confidently. And I want to be one such practitioner, who can generate, identify, analyze and then implement the findings at the bench in the bedside setting.

Why Internal Medicine? Well, if I were to pick a specialty, it would be Neurology, considering the research potential of the field, but that would not be ahead of IM. I am the kind of person, who likes to have the "bird's eye view" of the situation rather than take a look at one particular aspect only. To those who rib me with "A GP is a guy who knows less and less about more and more until he knows nothing about everything", I riposte - a specialist is a person who knows more and more about less and less till he knows everything about nothing. Eventually, in my opinion, it boils down to choosing one level of ignorance over the other (no, no, I am not pessimistic, I am just following this random train of logic!). I read a guest editorial entitled "The Seven Staged of Ignorance" in the journal BIRTH and loved the idea that though we should all try to share our ignorance as well as we share information today. What is one man's ignorance, is indeed another's knowledge! But then again, I have a great allergy for filling up forms and doing useless paperwork and I hear that getting into IM implies spending 60% of the time doing paperwork and that scares me. But in course of my Internship in a leading tertiary care center of eastern India, I have found that the variety one encounters in IM far exceeds the more-or-less monotonous fare of the other super-specialty departments. And that remains an important criteria for me.

I want to move into IM also because it is probably the missing link between the various super-specialties who do not speak each other's language. It is a scary thought that in a world geared towards super specialization, we are losing view of the other fields so much that we are practically ignorant in those areas. I hope to be one of the few who stands connecting the different disciplines. Yeah. I have got a God Complex. Thank God, ahem, that I do not want to move into Surgery!

Like all medical students, I want freedom from the loans, a safe future, a big fat bank account, a couple of cool quartet of wheels, but above all, I want satisfaction in what I do for a livelihood. I am still a student when my class mates who went into business or engineering are drawing substantial salaries already. And I do not grudge it because I am happy doing what I do. And over the course of the last year, I have come to love Internal Medicine. And I am sure that is where I want to spend my career in!