What's This?

Welcome to the Mothership, the error central. This is where you get to know me, without the razzmatazz of my awesome (apparently, everyone else I know disagrees with me on this point!) blogs, podcasts, etc. All the sites I have are filled with so much awesome content, that I found that it was becoming quite diffic ult for people to find the answer to the question: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU???

Another thing is that I love trying out new things, so often what happens is my blog folds up and moves off to a new home. And in exploring all the new awesomeness, I leave behind an SEO mess, and lose track of who or what I am - the cyberized form of Identity Crisis! So, I decided to make a different and FIXED corner to find out who I was. Sans all the razzle-dazzle, and all the awesomeness. Ahem...

Who's This?
I am a recently graduated doctor, a technophile, a die-hard Google fan, a Twitter addict, a text-freak (I choose my cell-phone plans so that my SMS charges are atrociously low!), a Facebook junkie, strongly opinionated blogger, romantic, geek. If you are supposed to find me in a crowded place and do not know what I look like, then look around for the person who seems like utterly lost, wearing weird clothes with clashing colors, is Greek-Godly handsome, who is fidgeting away to his heart's content on his cell phone (or gobbling pink sweet stuff), then that is in most probabilities, ME!

I believe that it is difficult to define oneself in the frame of some short sentences, and nor is it justified, because a personality is a multi-layered, complex thing. I hope to display the more positive sides of mine (obviously, I am not going to shake out the dirty laundry here, for that you need to go see my blogs!) in this small site in order to benefit the multitudes of people dying to know me (yeah, go ahead, tell me, I know its called delusion of grandeur!)!

Anyways, joking asides, I intend to have an unplugged, non-boring professional website here, and so delve in the pages to know me up, close and personal (or the positive side of me). To see the dark side of the moon, hit me up with an email, and I promise I will reply if it isn't too atrocious. You can mail me at, wait, go to the Contact Me page and find it. Oh c'mon its not that hard a work and will result in one more hit for the website, more fodder for Google Pagerank love! So go ahead, do it!